"Jo Peirson of Peirson Business Services has provided multiple services to Sacred Bazaar.  I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for the fab service which has been presented and maximized at a variety of times and days – above and beyond normal working hours.

Jo is at the helm of her own operation and therefore you know who and what you are getting.  Having a virtual assistant on tap – and to meet my needs -  has been a rewarding path for me when engaging with Peirson Business Services.  Timely, Accommodating, Succinct, and Professional are how I would describe the way Jo works.

If you are thinking of hiring an assistant – for those small or large works loads – Jo makes it happen. Thank you for all your support to date."
- Diane Mitchell, Director, Sacred Bazaar - Holistic Services and Global Sacred Retreats


"Jo has helped me to construct my salon client forms and taken it off my hands.  She has been professional and flexible in her approach towards me as her client, and the work which was vital, being part of a small and evolving business."

- Shilpa Murthy, SkinStudio11

Additional comments from those who have worked with Jo in the past:

"Jo is an efficient, discreet, well organised Administration professional.  Jo has a positive, outgoing personality that gives confidence that any task will be completed without issue."

-Nick Bilton MIMI, Apprentice Programme Manager, Kwik-Fit

"As a Senior Technical Instructor with Software AG, I worked with Jo regularly over the course of several years.  Jo is a highly organised professional with an eye toward detail.  She makes every project her own and sees it all the way through to completion, even when her part of the project is completed early on in the process.  She is extremely resourceful and thoroughly unflappable in the face of adversity.  I was very glad to have Jo on my team when I had to teach in the UK."

-Eda Matthews, Sr. Software Developer/Analyst at The University of Texas at Austin.

"Customer service represents the heart of a brand in the hearts of its customers."

- Kate Nasser